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Our company is known to offer high quality tiles service to all manner of clientele. It’s for this reason that we endeavor to remain at the top of London market. Our experienced team is also known to go beyond customer expectation; and this is how we have managed 100% satisfaction rate along the years. We boast of having a proven track record of excellent work irrespective of the magnitude of task at hand. The best thing is that our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of both small businesses, homeowners, real estate firms, as well as the large commercial firms.

The following are services that we offer to the above mentioned clientele;

Demolition Services; we are able to demolish areas that you want the tiles changed and this will also include fittings and furnishings.

Preparation of surface; this is a service that our highly experienced team will undertake fast and effectively. In this case, our team uses nothing but the best of tools and equipment ensuring that quality is not compromised whatsoever!

Under-floor heating Services; if you like to walk barefoot on tiles, then our team can make sure that the floor remains warm all the time. You will never experience issues that come with cold floors at any give time as all procedures are followed to the letter.

Tile Sealing Services; the fact that some types of files are pretty expensive necessitate that they are well catered for. It’s for this reason that we offer exceptional tile sealing services that will not cost you a fortune.

Wetroom services; in this case our highly qualified team ensures that all defined areas are professionally waterproofed in order to offer high functionality rate. If you are thinking of getting the best waterproofing services in and around London, then look no further! You are guaranteed of perfect work completed in time, every time.

Full bathroom renovation services; bedroom renovation, and kitchen renovation service. It is of utmost importance for you to understand that we offer unbeatable rates for tile flooring irrespective of the room we are dealing with. In fact, we endeavor to reinstate the room to its original luster.

Additional Services

We can help you improve the aesthetic value of your home by making changes to the floors. This is not because we have the necessary tools and equipment but due to the fact that we have experience that cuts across board. We do offer exceptional 3D designs that have the ‘wow’ effects to all our clients. Additionally, we are able to supply the best materials possible at a great discount not to mention undertake re-grouting services at mind boggling rates.

Types of Tiles we are Familiar with

It goes without saying that our team of experts is well versed with most, if not all of the tile types that man has ever created. We have worked with porcelain, marble, granite, limestone tiles, and onyx. Additionally, our teams have successfully completed projects that involved the use of kerlite, mosaic tiles, and Terracota. It’s for this reason we claim to be a master of our own art, and can’t be compared to any other company in London area. Remember, specific projects will need specific tiles for clients to achieve a defined purpose. Therefore, our professionals do not take chances when it comes to choosing tiles for specific projects.

One of the most important factors that make us stand above the rest is that we use cutting-edge technology in all our service provision. As a matter of fact, we offer value addition in all that we undertake irrespective of the magnitude of the task at hand. You can never at any given time go wrong if you make our company your number one choice.

What to Expect

You can always expect excellent service and prove of our work, as we will provide potential clients with a list of referee. In this case, they can contact any number they so wish to ascertain our claim of being the best in and around London.  Our credentials are unmatched and we do hold all the necessary licenses and are also members of professional bodies.

It is equally important to note that with our services we have the necessary experience that you need to get the job done quickly. Importantly, we offer the best rates on the market and high discount rates based on the project being undertaken.  Last but not least, we do ensure that an evaluation report is offered prior to commencement of tasks.

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